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Fiber Sculpture

Fiber sculpture hero

Take your textile journey to the next level with this Fibre Sculpture course. I use a lot of 3D elements in my own work, but did you know that there are many different ways of creating and manipulating fibre to create different effects? The Fiber Sculpture course offers 10 videos that cover tips and trick to create the interesting elements to incorporate and add to your weaves. Not a weaver? No biggie, you can use these techniques to create jewellery, ornaments, gift toppers, fashion accessories and more. Videos are able to be viewed as many times as you wish across all of your devices and should you get stuck at any point, were always available to help out.

  • $25.00 USD Course package
  • 10 detailed tutorials
  • 57 minutes of video
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Fiber Sculpture

  1. 3:53Tools
  2. 10:35Tassle
  3. 6:80Tierd tassle
  4. 5:25Long neck tassle and colour change
  5. 7:57Door knob tassle
  6. 2:18Rainbow
  7. 3:29Knotted tassle
  8. 4:43Rope tassle
  9. 9:50Macrame hanging
  10. 7:28Mini off loom weaving