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Shapes hero

Get started on your shapes journey. I use a lot of shapes in my own work, but did you know that there are many different ways of both creating shapes and filling in the area around the shapes? The Shapes course offers 8 videos that cover tips and tricks to create the perfect combination of shapes in your weaves. We’ll cover both graphic and organic shapes, as well as many ways to create joins around your shapes. Videos can be viewed as many times as you wish across all of your devices, and should you get stuck at any point, we’re always available to help out.

  • $25.00 USD Course package
  • 8 detailed tutorials
  • 30 minutes of video
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  1. 2:25Open Slit Tapestry
  2. 3:00Jacquard
  3. 3:12Dovetail Joins
  4. 5:33Meet Separate Hatching
  5. 2:48Interlocking Hatching
  6. 4:40Triangles
  7. 6:10Circles Curves
  8. 5:31Negative Space