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Weaving Basics

Weaving basics hero

As part of this tutorial for beginners, you will step through the basic and fundamental processes of creating your own weaving. This course offers a combination of skills from Maryanne’s beginner and advanced classes, as well as some techniques yet to be taught in the workshops. Included are 13 skills for you to master, along with a copy of the Beginners Weaving Companion for when you’re offline. Videos are accessible on both desktop and mobile, so you can practice your skills anytime of the day, whenever it’s most convenient for you. And should you get stuck at any point, we’re always available to help out.

  • $25.00 USD Course package
  • 13 detailed tutorials
  • 62 minutes of video
  • Weavers companion pdf
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Weaving Basics

  1. 3:80Warping The Loom
  2. 6:33Tabby
  3. 2:14Weaving In Your Ends
  4. 5:53Rya Knots
  5. 6:35Soumak
  6. 7:50Loops
  7. 11:28Creating Shapes
  8. 4:40Vertical Lines
  9. 4:30Wavy Lines
  10. 2:15Organic Shapes
  11. 3:39Piecing The Yarn
  12. 3:54Finishing Your Weave
  13. 7:32Hanging Your Weaving